Judge denies release for accused cop killer

HARRIS COUNTY (KTRK) -- A Harris County judge has denied the release of an accused cop killer from a state mental hospital. Judge Maria Jackson denied the request Tuesday for Hung Truong to receive outpatient therapy.

The ruling was applauded by the Houston Police Officer's Union and the family of the officer killed. Truong will go back to Rusk State Hospital for a year. Doctors presented testimony on both sides. One saying he's a model patient at Rusk State Hospital, another saying he reported hearing voices as late as this March.

"The psychiatrist was asked can you guarantee he's not going to do this again and she said no and she said that's all I have to say," Ray Hunt, President of the Houston Police Officer's Union said. "I think that's what made the decision for the judge."

Officer Gary Gryder, 47, was killed in the crash, his partner, Fred Pyland was injured when Truong allegedly crashed into them while they worked a road black in Katy in 2008.

"No remorse whatsoever. It's like a deer staring into headlights," Pyland said.

Truong was originally charged with manslaughter before being declared not guilty by reason of insanity and sent to Rusk.

Assistant Harris County DA Denise Oncken said, "The court has to take into consideration all the episodes he has had as far as his mental illness and be concerned about the safety of the community,"

Gryder's widow was in court along with their son who was just thirteen when he lost his dad. She says Truong has told doctors voices told him to crash into the officers.

Truong will return to Rusk and another hearing will be held in one year.
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