Interfaith prayer service offers support for Houston refugees

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- In trying times, many find peace in prayer.

"Whether it's in a religious faith or no particular faith," said Martin Cominsky, president and CEO of Interfaith Ministries.

At Interfaith Ministries on Wednesday night, voices from different cultures and languages came together to ease fear among the Houston refugees.

"I have fear if I go over there I can't go back and see my child anymore," said Basel Mousslly.

Mousslly said he was emotionally affected after hearing about President Trump's executive order to ban refugees from entering the U.S.

"These last weeks [have] been confusing. That's not what we expected from America," he said.

Most of his family left Syria and now live in Saudi Arabia. His 70-year-old father recently had surgery, but seeing him right now is not a risk he can take.

"[I'm] disappointed [and] sad," he said.

Prayer and song echoed inside Interfaith Ministries for people feeling like Mousslly. Candles were lit, and stories were shared.

"We thought it was our responsibility to bring our multi-purpose to bare today," said Cominsky.

Many organizations across Houston have helped resettle thousands of refugees, and leaders hope they can continue to do so once again.

"We are eager for our government to sort through our security concerns," said Cominsky. null
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