HPD: Person dies in police custody in SE Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Both homicide detectives and those with internal affairs are investigating how a 42-year-old man ended up dead in police custody.

It happened around 6pm in the 2700 block of Broadway in southwest Houston.

A sergeant on scene says that a man came across Broadway into a gas station where an officer was buying a bottle of water.

He says the man had gashes on his arm and head. According to officials, the man started acting belligerent toward the officer, even allegedly pushing the officer and saying he wasn't going to jail.

According to HPD, the officer called for back-up. Three other officers arrived and they called an ambulance. Police say the man continued acting belligerent even in the ambulance and then became unresponsive.
He was pronounced dead at St. Joseph's Hospital.

"Just in the crime areas we live in, you know? This could happen to anybody," said nearby resident Eliseo Perez.

Detectives are interviewing witnesses and going through surveillance video.

A decision has not yet been made whether the officers involved will be put on administrative leave during this investigation.
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