HPD: Husband fatally shoots wife in west Houston

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HPD says the husband shot and killed his wife and then his son stabbed him after the shooting (KTRK)

A quiet west Houston apartment complex is reeling after what police say was a domestic dispute leaves a wife dead and a husband with stab wounds.

A man who has lived in the same building as the couple for more than a year says he saw them all the time and never saw anything that would even hint that something was wrong.

HPD was called to the Park on Westview apartments in the 10100 block of Westview around 4:30pm Saturday for a report of gunshots. We're told a man shot his wife inside an apartment. Police found her on the kitchen floor.

"We're trying to determine if this was self defense, murder or what. We're getting conflicting statements," says HPD Lt. JT Barringer.

We're told the couple's three teenaged kids were here. At some point the dad was stabbed.

"He has a few stab wounds in his back. We're not sure exactly how that occurred. We're still trying to figure that information out," explains HPD Officer Jennifer Saldana.

The property manager says they've never had serious problems with this family. We spoke with a man who lives in their building who says he was devastated to hear the news. He asked that we call him O.

"I always talk to the lady all the time. I would see her coming in from work and tell her hi how was your day. She seemed nice and friendly," O tells us.

O says the husband helped him change a flat tire not long ago and didn't seem capable of hurting his wife.

"I never heard anything or suspected anything. They seemed very happy."

No word on the wife's or husband's identity. He's at Ben Taub tonight. Police are still investigating and part of their investigation is getting a clear story from the children.
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