HPD calling shooting policy change a 'misunderstanding'

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A spokesman for the Houston Police Department said Chief McClelland did not have time for an interview Wednesday. However, McClelland did have time to record a video news release that looks like a press conference. In the release, he said the way the policy update was written was worded poorly.

"I think the policy as it was written and initially distributed was not my intent," McClelland said in a news release, "I would never intentionally place any officer or the public at risk and take away all of the tools the officer has to protect himself and others."

Civil Rights Activist Johnny Mata doubts the policy change was a mistake.

"I think the chief took appropriate actions," Mata said, "We're disappointed that he backpedaled on this."

McClelland also said in the news release that he wrote the memo to reinforce to officers that shooting at moving vehicles is very dangerous and high risk. He said this type of police action should only take place in the rarest occasion.

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