HPD arrests 25 in prostitution sting in SE Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Charges have been filed against 25 suspects arrested in a month-long prostitution sting in southeast Houston.

The sting went from November 19 through December 15. It was conducted in three separate operations near the 8300 block of the Gulf Freeway.

Police say 24 males who tried to buy sex were arrested. One woman they say was soliciting prostitution was also arrested.

Those arrested are below
Julian Madise (b/m, 24)
Abram C. Jaime (H/m, 47)
Maurice R. Harvey (b/m, 47)
Thomas Tyrell Jones (b/m, 31)
Omar Barcenas-Ruiz (H/m, 33)
Mitchell Patterson (b/m, 33)
Antonio Y. Garza (H/m, 42)
Demeatrice Quincy Poole (b/m, 57)
Inoencio Delgado-Martinez (H/m, 41)
Jose Luis Tristan Coronado (H/m, 58)
Ezquiel Covarrubias (H/m 25)
Alberto Salazar, Jr. (H/m, 24)
John L. Scott (b/m, 48)
Ronald Lewis Robinson (B/m, 62)
Anthony Sandoval (H/m, 22)
Samuel Vega (H/m, 34)
Rodolfo Silva (H/m, 20)
Geovanni Diaz-Gonzalez (H/m, 24)
Rudy Cruz (H/m, 34)
Jose Cruz Quintanilla (H/m, 40)
Felipe Hernandez (H/m, 39)
Miguel Garcia (H/m, 19)
James Cozad (w/m, 60)
Theodore Owens (b/m, 49)
One female suspect, Rhonda Caraway (w/f, 47), is charged with prostitution
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