Houston hosts memorial for victims of 9/11 attacks

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Among the nearly 3,000 killed on September 11, was Houstonian Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas, 38. She graduated from Stratford High School and the University of Texas, before moving to California.

The city built a memorial garden in Lauren's name in 2010. Today, it served as the backdrop for Houston's tribute to all those who died especially honoring Lauren.

"To think that 15 years have gone by already, it's hard to believe that," said Larry Catuzzi, Lauren's father.

Lauren was aboard United 93, headed from Newark, New Jersey to her home in San Francisco.

She, along with the 39 other men and women on board have become known as heroes for crash-landing that plane into the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, likely avoiding further tragedy that day.

"I still shake my head in disbelief, that it happened," said Vaughn Catuzzi Lohec, Lauren's younger sister. "I sometimes go to that place, where I go back to that day and think about wow, did that really happen?"

Sunday, in Lauren's Garden, hundreds gathered to honor Lauren. Mayor Sylvester Turner, Lauren's father and a recipient of the Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas scholarship spoke.

"I talk to Lauren every day," said Larry Catuzzi. "In this this garden, in other activities that we have done in Lauren's name and her foundation, all of these things are with me every day."

"This year though, was kind of-wow. Because it's been 15 years. I just can't believe it's 15 years later. But I think Lauren would be proud of where we all ended up 15 years later," said Vaughn Catuzzi Lohec.

To find out more about Lauren's foundation, click here.
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