Houston attorney, son burned in 'suspicious' house fire

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Fire investigators say well-known Houston attorney Kirby Taylor and his son were inside their home Monday morning when fire erupted.

When firefighters arrived, they found Taylor and his son both still inside on the first floor.

Arson investigators do believe the fire was intentionally set. An accelerant-sniffing dog was used to inspect living room charis in the front yard for any sign of gasoline.

Sources tell Eyewitness News that Taylor believes the suspected arsonist is someone that he and his son knows.

"Kirby is just a great guy I think there are people downtown around town across town and certainly here at Holman St., Baptist Church will tell you he's just a standup guy," said Rev. Mansen Johnson.

From the courtroom to the community, Taylor has made a big impact on a lot of people.

"When I was a prosecutor had a lot of cases involving Kirby and you always knew if you found yourself going to trial against him you're going to be out lawyered and out prepared and definitely out charmed," said Attorney Jason Luong.

Friends, family and colleagues left with very few answers as to how any could harm such a kind hearted man.

"He had a lot of the cases that a lot of people wouldn't take he would especially for the people who couldn't afford it he would always give them a good night and give them good legal representation," added Luong.

Taylor and his son are in Memorial Hermann Hospital with their bodies were severely burned.

Paul Okotie is a friend of Taylor and says Taylor is responsive and fighting.

"He's doing OK. he's doing OK," he added.

Investigators are searching for a suspect and to find out how the fire started.
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