Homes and cars targeted in drive-by shooting in Harris County neighborhood

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Investigators in Harris County are looking for the men responsible for a drive-by shooting that left a neighborhood on edge.

Residents in the Greensbrook Place subdivision on the northeast side say there were at least two cars involved. They pulled onto the street, turned around at the end of the cul-de-sac, and then started shooting.

At least 20 bullets hit the cars in one driveway and two houses.

"We just had laid down and it started," said one resident who asked not to be identified. "You just hear pop, pop, pop, pop and it was a lot. I thought it was fireworks."

But it was a drive-by shooting on Abby Ridge Way around 11:45 Saturday night. Bullet holes were everywhere.

Two bullets went through a woman's garage door, another went through the wall to her dining room. She said another bullet went through the door frame, the wall, and the refrigerator stopped it.

"I'm like what kind of gun could travel like that? What kind of weapon is on the streets like that that could possibly be...what if we would've been in the kitchen? If that refrigerator would not have been there, we would've been hit," she said.

Three cars in another driveway were also hit by the bullets.

"I'm just happy they're alive. I'm just happy they made it through," a resident said.

"I'm thinking if that would've went inside somebody, that would've been deadly automatically," said AJ, another resident in the area.

The family that lives in the house didn't want to talk to us on camera. The father told Eyewitness News off camera that he believes their home was the target, but he doesn't know why.

Until they know more, AJ said everyone is watching their backs closer than normal.

"I think everyone has been very paranoid lately, watching every car that comes down the street especially because we live on a cul-de-sac," he said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office said no injuries were reported. They have not identified suspects or persons of interest in the case.

There is surveillance video that investigators hope will help them catch the suspects.

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