Homeowners: Why do these homes flood repeatedly?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Homeowners want to know what's being done to keep their homes from flooding again. They've taken on water repeatedly in just the past three weeks.

"Everybody on this street is about as nervous as a cat," said homeowner Vickie Walter. Her home has flooded four times since June.

"Where does the madness end?" she asked.

Similar flooding in the same time frame has occurred in up to five homes on Bramblewood Drive in the Westchester neighborhood.

"We've flooded twice. We've only moved in since September," said David Goodall. His home was still being repaired from the June 25th soaking when it flooded again last Saturday. He said the City of Houston has been slow to respond.

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"We're not getting anywhere, that's the problem," he said.

The neighborhood was no stranger to flooding before June, but that's when the flooding increased in frequency. A massive sinkhole also developed nearby.

Officials said the storm drainage system was damaged, though it is unclear if the damage was caused by the sinkhole or if the sinkhole was caused by a compromised storm system.

City leaders had been looking for a fix for the flooding even before the sinkhole. Over the last year they came up with a plan to rectify the situation and that plan was to be underway by the first of the year, according the City of Houston Chief Resilience Officer Steve Costello.

"Obviously over a year period I would be frustrated as well, especially if I had water in my house," he said.

Costello said recent flooding forced the city to expedite the work, calling it the "highest priority."

"We want to keep people safe and we don't want people living in fear," he said.

He expects work on Pinesap Drive to begin in the next few weeks, admitting that it will not be soon enough for residents.

Completion wont be for several months, Costello added.

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