Homeowner opens fire on suspected robbers in east Harris Co.

HOUSTON -- An east Harris County resident shot at two potential home invasion suspects, injuring one.

It happened in the Channelview area just off Woodforest and Sheldon Road.

Harris County Sheriff Deputies say two men allegedly knocked on the door pretending to be gas company workers. The resident told the suspects the gas meter was in the back yard. As they were walking to the back yard, the resident apparently became suspicious and arms himself.

When the suspects tried to force their way into the home, there was an apparent struggle. The man living in the home was assaulted, but managed to fire a couple of shots.

"I was in the house and I heard a pop, and it kinda sounded like a firework or something. But I looked out the window and I could see two people running towards Woodforest then they headed toward Sheldon Road. And one of the family members I guess was chasing them," said Arbie Arnell, a neighbor who saw the aftermath.

The suspects fled, but one was quickly detained by the arriving deputies. That suspect had a gunshot wound and was transported to a local hospital. An hour later, another man was seen being placed in a patrol car. However, the sheriff's department has not said whether that man is the second suspect.