College couple returns from vacation to find home trashed, allegedly by homeless man

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (KTRK) -- Students returned from spring break to find someone living in their off-campus apartment.

One man's apartment in Huntsville, which he shares with three roommates, was an ugly sight when he returned from spring break.

The man didn't want to be identified because he's not really sure who's been staying in his bedroom.

"My bed had been used, my toiletries had been used; everything had been used in the apartment," he said.

His girlfriend, who also declined to be identified, was with him as he reported the burglary to police Saturday.

"We came in and the place was just trashed," said the man's girlfriend.

Then came the real shock. As the couple was cleaning, they said they heard an unfamiliar voice.

According to police, the unfamiliar voice belongs to 44-year-old Jack Turner.

"He was wearing my roommate's shoes, my jackets, my pants, all my stuff," said the resident.

Police said Turner is homeless and has an extensive criminal record.

The couple chased Turner down and held him until Huntsville police arrived.

According to authorities, Turner bit one of the residents who chased him.

Turner faces a long list of charges including burglary and resisting arrest.

"He's uncooperative," said Lt. Jim Barnes, "We're asking other neighbors, looking at surveillance video and seeing if we can find anything out."

The couple is also concerned the property managers didn't immediately alert other residents.

"I felt like we were not a priority to them to get us help when we were assaulted on their property and their property was broken into," the man said.

Police believe Turner was high on PCP at the time of his arrest, so the charges against him also include assault and public intoxication.

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