Feral hogs tearing up yards in Clear Lake community

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- In Clear Lake's picturesque Northfork subdivision, you'll find a nasty neighbor who is sticking their noses where they do not belong.

Neighbors told abc13 wild hogs recently made a comeback along Scene Glade Drive.

At the Belbas family home, the front yard might need new sod.

Nick Belbas, 16, helped his mother put up a small fence. He said the fence helps keep feral hogs from tearing up the grass.

"I came out Monday morning. Pretty much all of this was just dirt. All the grass was flipped up on the sides around it," said Belbas. "Now, it's going down a good 6 inches in some places. It's not just getting flipped up. It's getting torn up."

The animals come out from hiding late at night. They leave behind a path of destruction as they scavenge for food.

Anita Lee lives close to the Belbas. She said the pig problem got real bad in 2012.

She fears the wild hogs are back for good. Lee said recent development is destroying the hogs' habitat and forcing the animals out.

"They come and dig up acorns. Now, the people across the street had to redo their entire lawn. They'll eat the grass all the way down to the roots and it's just dirt," said Lee. "So they have to re-sod. That is not covered by insurance. A lot of people don't like that. I always tell people. Don't plant too many flowers. It's like sending out a buffet."

There is no city mechanism for dealing with feral hogs according to Houston Council Member Dave Martin's office.

Removing the animals is the private property owner's responsibility.

Previously, some area homeowner associations have hired trappers to catch and remove the pigs.

City leaders recommend contacting professional trappers if you have a similar problem.
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