EXCLUSIVE: Hedwig Village murder suspect speaks from behind bars

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Michael Susberry, the suspect in the brutal murder of a 79-year-old Hedwig Village woman, exclusively told ABC13 his story from behind bars.

Susberry knew 79-year-old Janiel Bernard through his mother, Moteel Susberry, who had been her housekeeper for more than 50 years. Bernard had even given her a car and continued to pay her once retired.

Susberry spoke about that relationship from the Harris County Jail this afternoon

REPORTER: Ms. Bernard was so good to your mother.
SUSBERRY: She was good to me too.

Susberry is now accused of killing Bernard, a beloved grandmother and former teacher.

REPORTER: Do you have anything to say about the charges against you?
SUSBERRY: I'm so sorry, they have no idea.

Timesha Wilson, 22, is also charged in connection with the crime. Investigators say she discussed a plan with Susberry to rob Bernard of her money and jewelry but says she didn't commit the murder.

SUSBERRY: You know I wasn't alone, [Wilson]'s in denial.

While he wouldn't answer specific questions about the crime he's accused of, he said he doesn't remember everything. He claims both he and Wilson were on drugs during the crime.

REPORTER: What kind of drugs?
SUSBERRY: I'm not going to answer that.

Susberry cut off the conversation before the allotted 20 minutes, saying he'd said enough. He did answer a question about the innocent victim's family.

REPORTER: Do you have anything to say to the Bernard family?
SUSBERRY: I'd like to ask for their forgiveness.

Wilson also remains in custody in the Harris County Jail. She's on suicide watch and is being held without bond.

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