Harris County DA, FBI warn of jury service scam


Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel and the FBI in Houston urged southeast Texas residents not to be duped by con men who pose as police officers and demand that callers pay fines for purportedly missing jury service.

A local resident was recently tricked out of $250 by such a phone scam. The scam died down after it started occurring late last year, but it has recently resurfaced in Houston and dozens of others states, prompting Daniel and the FBI to warn the public.

Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel said he requested the FBI's help in investigating the crimes because "these criminals are giving jury service a black eye. Innocent, hard-working people have been tricked into giving these con artists money. They need to be behind bars."

FBI Special Agent in Charge Perrye K. Turner, head of the FBI's Houston office, said one of the best ways to curb the scam is to inform the public not to fall prey to it.

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