Get more information about your child at school using ABC-13's investigative techniques

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- There is no special badge or degree that you need to be an investigative reporter. But there are plenty of things that you can dig into. And that, as a parent, you should dig into.

One of those things we'd like to show you today is how to get more information about your child at school. It's easy to do and the law is on your side.

First, find out who the school district's public information officer is. They are usually easy to find on the school district's website.

Then, you write a letter that goes something like this:

Dear public information officer

This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, which guarantees the public's access to information in the custody of governmental agencies.

I respectfully request to review all correspondence between teachers, principals and coaches that mention my child.... (insert name) between (specify dates here).

I shall look forward to hearing from you promptly, as specified in the law. Thank you for your cooperation.


Then, sign your name and send.

If you can provide the names of the teachers, coaches and principals, that will help the school process your request. It's as easy as that.

We're happy to help walk you through this process. If you have questions, contact us through our website at or contact our investigative producer Trent Seibert at
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