Freeway sign features embarrassing spelling error

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It's been a mistake in plain sight -- a sign that marks the exit for the Houston National Cemetery where veterans are laid to rest.

"Cemetary" it reads, when, in fact, it should be "cemetery."

The Harris County Toll Road Authority blames the misspelling on a contractor. After our inquiry, an immediate correction was ordered and by the afternoon the sign was covered by a white tarp.

A statement from the Toll Road Authority says the correction will be done at the contractor's expense. It goes on to state, "The Toll Road Authority deeply regrets the mistake and offers it sincerest apology to the public and especially families of those buried in the Houston National Cemetery."

The sign was installed only two days ago.

At the nearby Aldine branch of the Harris County Library, some patrons caught the misspelling, noting "that needs to be fixed."

Librarian Bonnie Langham says she isn't surprised that misspellings are appearing more often, even in public signage. "They don't teach spelling beyond the fourth grade, and people now rely on spellcheck."
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