Free Press Summer Fest attendees feel safe, even after London attack

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Learn how Free Press Summer Fest is handling security after the attacks in London.

Crowds of people flocked downtown for the Free Press Summer Fest music event Saturday just as news broke of the attacks in London, making for many nervous attendees.

Hoards of people walked with traffic just feet away. Festival organizers said they worked for months on planning all aspects of the event including security and barricades.

"They went through our bags. I mean, I was expecting more of a search," festival attendee Kelsey Perkins said.

Organinzer Jagi Kaital said they work closely with Houston police and have multiple private security contractors patrolling as well.

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"The festival was conceived to be in this environment," Kaital said. "We have contingency plans in place for safety and security. Those are made our number one priorities."

Bags were searched as gates opened Saturday afternoon, but after Eleanor Tinsley Park was evacuated briefly due to weather, ABC13 crews saw crowds of people re-entering the venue around 8 p.m. without any type of ticket checks or bag searches.

Organizers have not yet commented about that, but some attendees said it made them nervous, especially with terrorism concerns.

Festival-goers said the attacks in London and at the Manchester Ariana Grande concert in May have them more concerned.

"I guess it makes me nervous to be in a big group in a festival like this, but I feel safe. I feel like this is a friendly place," Perkins said.

Others said, for now, the terror threats seem far removed from their lives.

"Because it's so far away from where we are, it's kind of different," attendee Ashley Moore said.

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