Fort Bend Sheriff makes arrests in game room bust

A game room near State Highway 6 and Bissonnet is shut down after being raided by law enforcement. One of the workers was also arrested for gambling charges.

Hanpei Zhou is charged with solicitation of gambling, according to investigators with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

The raid happened Thursday afternoon at the Jungle Wild Game Room.

Oliver Trevanthan works at a shop nearby and saw the deputies swarm the business.

"It was crazy, man. They started bringing out these vans and taking machines out and whatnot," he said.

Trevanthan said he wasn't surprised to see the bust happen.

"I figured [the game room] was getting raided. I mean the place says 'game room' on the front. It's only a matter of time before it gets raided."

The game room's permit has been suspended.

Investigators said other game room operate legally, but they can't offer cash payouts larger than 10 times the amount being bet.
Meaning, if a person bets $.25 and gets more than $2.50 in winnings- that's against the law.

That's what investigators claim this game room was doing. null
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