Former Ohio pastor accused of scamming the elderly, buying luxury car

BARBERTON, OH (KTRK) -- A former pastor is accused of scamming money away from the elderly "in the name of Christ."

Richard Boley, 67, of Ohio faces felony charges of theft from the elderly.

The former Church of God minister is accused of stealing up to $50,000 from at least one senior citizen and then using the cash to buy himself a Mercedes-Benz CLA 250.

The 87-year-old victim told ABC affiliate WEWS-TV that Boley would pray with her and promised to take her to her doctor's appointments in exchange for large sums of money.

"His ploy is 'Jesus told me you should do this or Jesus will bless you if you do this,'" a friend of the victim told WJW-TV. "He's just a scam, a scam artist that preys on the weak, usually the sick and the elderly, whatever he can to get their money."

Police say at some point, Boley became violent. The victim claims Boley would put his hands around her neck and make threats.

"He told her that he was an undertaker and knew how to break necks and even told her that he had a gun," Barberton Sgt. Brian Davis told WEWS-TV.

"He is one of the most evil, conniving men that I have ever seen in my life," the victim said. "He knew a point to touch to just take you right out of this world."

Boley turned himself into police and is out on bond. His luxury vehicle is being held in the impound lot as evidence, and police are now trying to determine if there are other victims.

His former church later issued a statement to WJW-TV reading in part, "We have not dealt with, nor heard from Richard Boley in the 18 years since he left the church."
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