Former Houstonian lost her home to devastating Canton tornadoes

A former Houston resident who moved back to Canton to raise her children lost her home in the tornadoes.

Vanity Lawrence graduated from C.E. King High School and moved back to land her family owns in east Texas.

Lawrence was at the store Saturday when she heard the tornado was heading for her house. Her four children were home alone. Thankfully, relatives who live nearby got them to safety moments before the tornado hit, but at the time, she didn't know they were safe.

"(I) swear, it was the longest drive of my life," Lawrence said. "Thirty minutes later, my phone rang. My cousin said, 'They are alive. We are alive.' She stopped and hesitated for a second and said, 'Your house is gone.'"

Trees came down, crushing a bathroom. The home itself was ripped open and pushed several feet across the yard.

Lawrence is a divorced single mom. She said she works paycheck to paycheck trying to get food on the table, so her home was not insured.

"I'm a hairdresser. I make it every day. I don't work, I don't make it," Lawrence said.

Her goal now is to find four walls where her family can be together. After this, they can't stand being apart.

"I don't know that I mentally can leave my children home alone ever again," Lawrence said.

They're working to raise money to start their lives over. You can contribute to their GoFundme page.

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