Former Harris Co. reserve deputy charged in sex scandal

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A former Harris County reserve deputy and his common law wife allegedly had sex with a 14-year-old girl. (KTRK)

Court documents about what allegedly happened between Charles Walker III and his common law wife Veronica Trevino read like a novel.

Walker, a former Harris County reserve deputy, is charged with sexual assault of a child. His common law wife is charged with sexual performance of a child.

It's a case the Deer Park Police Department originally investigated when they arrived to the couple's home in May to break up a fight. Police say the couple was breaking up because Trevino had accused Walker of sleeping with a minor.

"These are felony charges, so they could face substantial time in jail," said DPPD Lt. Christopher Brown.

Court documents state, "(Walker) did have sex with complainant." It said "co-defendant Trevino planned a threesome" and that "Trevino told him that complainant was 19 years of age". Walker told police, "Trevino participated in the threesome."

"I did not touch her. I did not do anything with her," said Trevino.

Trevino, who did not want to show her face during an Eyewitness News interview, said Walker "forced" her into a swingers' lifestyle.

"[He] tried to convince me it was okay, it was natural," she said.

She says thought the 14-year-old was 18 at the time.

"When we were in the room, he had sex with her," she said.

She said Walker forced her to kiss the teen. Court documents state the teen told police Trevino knew her real age. She told police, "Trevino asked for a 'huge favor' and asked her to have a threesome with co-defendant Trevino and defendant walker". It continues on to say, "She only kissed co-defendant Trevino."

Eyewitness News could not reach Walker for comment, but his lawyer, Robert Wolfe, said the following: "When all the evidence is in, my client will be found not guilty of these charges"

Walker was not employed by the Sheriff's Office, but rather served as a volunteer in the Harris County Sheriff's Office Reserves. Walker was dismissed from his volunteer capacity with a Dishonorable Discharge on the date of his arrest.

Both Walker and Trevino have court appearances next month.
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