Former FBI agent writes book on 'how not to get killed by police'

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (KTRK) -- As deadly officer involved shootings continue to make headlines across the country, a former FBI agent is sharing his advice on what to do in your interactions with officers in a new book titled: "A Survival Guide: How NOT to Get Killed by the POLICE, PART 1."

The book was written by New York attorney, M. Quentin Williams, ABC affiliate WSOC-TV reports. He's a former federal prosecutor and FBI agent. He said the title was inspired by more than 100 clients who have asked him that exact question.

Williams wife gave him the idea to write the book after watching him get pulled over and profiled by police.

"She would ask me, 'How did you do that? How did you get out of that without being emotional, without escalating the situation and how did you diffuse it so that the police officer felt safe?" he told WSOC-TV.

The book isn't just for the general public, Williams say his insight can also help officers.

"I don't think people always understand why we do what we do and we don't understand why people react the way they do," Rowan County Sheriff Kevin L. Auten said.

Williams is currently offering the book as a free download on his website.
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