Flood victims victimized again when burglars strike

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A Meyerland homeowner who was hit by floodwaters has now been targeted by thieves

A Meyerland homeowner who was hit by floodwaters has now been targeted by thieves.

David Roberts says his wife came home Tuesday morning to discover several items missing, including a large couch, his expensive road bicycle, several TVs, other electronics and sentimental keepsakes belonging to his wife.

"It's not just so much the stuff, it's that somebody was here, that wasn't invited," said Roberts, describing a feeling of violation which they now can't shake.

Their home was like so many in Meyerland that took on water during the floods at the end of May. They've been living nearby with one of his children while renovations take place at his house.

"I know. What else? What next? A friend of mine said things come in threes," Roberts lamented.

He believes a window, possibly left unlocked by a contractor, might have been the entry point for the thieves. He hopes other flood victims might see his story and be more careful, more cautious at their homes.

Roberts says his homeowner's insurance will cover most of what was stolen. He did not have flood insurance.

The Harris County Constable's Office for Precinct 5 says there have been four burglaries in Meyerland in the past month. Two, including the Roberts family, were flood victims.

Investigators can't say if someone is targeting those made most vulnerable by the floods.
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