Fired for being fat? Woman claims she was fired for her looks

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A woman says she was fired from a West Texas smoke shop for her looks. The smoke shop denies that claim (KTRK)

A West Texas woman is claiming she was fired from a discount tobacco chain for her looks.

Brittany Plunkett, of Midland, says she was fired from The Smoker's Outlet for a violation of company policies, but so far, no one can tell her what she did wrong.

She says the real reason has to do with her looks.

"I was too big to work there. ... It makes me feel horrible, because I have two kids," Plunkett said. "They're not only messing with me, they are messing with my family."

Though Smoker's Outlet didn't give a reason for the firing, company representative Alissa Goates said, "If you visit our stores, I think that you will see that we have all types of employees."

Plunkett says she just wants her job back.
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