Family terrorized in home invasion shooting, and thieves got away with $30

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It all started with a water problem inside a family's southwest side apartment on Corporate Drive.

Omar Garcia says the water was too hot to take a shower in so he went outside to get cooler water from a faucet. The father of three says the men pointed the gun at his ribs and forced him inside with everyone else.

Myra Garcia says she was terrified. "When I turned, he was there with a guy and another guy went into the bedroom," she says.

Her husband says the men were asking for the money but he says he was frozen and had a gun to his head now. Myra says the men grabbed some money in her wallet and were picking up the TVs.

She says, "I grabbed one of my kids and put him behind me and threw myself on the floor and covered him."

Next Myra's father-in-law Rito came out of a room and she believes the thieves panicked. They shot her in the chest and also fired at Rito but missed.

"My daughter, they also pointed the gun at my daughter," says Myra.

The mother says they only got around $30 and the Garcia family believes it is because of Rito's job.

An ice cream cart and freezer sets in the middle of the living room. The grandfather sells ice cream near schools and they believe the men thought there would be a lot of cash in the home. Rito Garcia chased after the men and they shot at him again but with a Taser the second time. It hit him in the chest.

Myra still has a bullet in the left side of her chest. She says, "He got me but I'm OK."

Her children are having trouble sleeping, but the family survived. She says, "They don't know what they were doing. Thank God they didn't do anything to my children."

Police have not made any arrests. If you have information, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.
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