Family shocked by deer running through their Spring home

SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- A deer came crashing through the front door of a Spring-area house, nearly landing on top of a man sleeping on the couch.

The deer ran straight through the glass front, amazingly without breaking the glass. The Brumley's were inside at the time and did their best to get out of the way. The deer got trapped inside the house and proceeded to slam up against walls, eventually getting trapped in the back bathroom, causing a bloody mess

Homeowner Michelle Brumley said, "As I looked over to my right, I saw the butt end of some type of animal, heard my husband yell, who was sleeping on the couch, and as I turned to my left, my dog had cornered a deer in the house."

Brumley said the deer was trapped in her bathroom for two hours until a constable arrived and was able to rescue the deer. Apparently its nose and possibly its leg were injured, but the wild animal ran off and hasn't been seen since.

Brumley said an animal control officer will drive around the area to make sure the deer isn't limping around the neighborhood. She said there's a lot of construction going on nearby and she guesses the deer just ran out of places to go.
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