Rhode Island family outraged after deceased son's organs sent abroad

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A couple is outraged to learn that his organs were sent abroad despite their son?s wish to have his organs donated to Americans in need (KTRK)

A couple in Rhode Island is considering suing their local organ bank after instructions for the donation of their son's remains were not followed.

Bill and Doris Greenwood tell ABC affiliate WLNE-TV their 45 year old son David died two years ago after a sudden brain aneurysm. Before taking David off life support, the Greenwoods agreed to donate their only son's organs. Their only request: The organs be given to patients within the United States of America.

"I don't care what their origin is, what their background is, whether they are Polish, they're Russian, they're English," Bill Greenwood said. "It doesn't matter to me, but within the United States of America."

The couple said their son was very patriotic, and said this was his last wish.

Over the past few years, the Greenwoods have tracked their son's organs. One of his kidneys went to a person in Massachusetts, and the other kidney was sent to New York. But two weeks ago, they were shocked to find out some of his other organs went outside of the country.

"14 of 39 were outside of the country," Greenwood said. "And they didn't follow my instructions."

The New England Organ Bank blamed a computer glitch on the mistake. The Greenwoods say they are happy their son was able to save lives, but they want other potential organ donors to be aware of everything that is involved.
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