Deer Park family believes they saw their missing dogs on Craiglist

DEER PARK, TX (KTRK) -- A family whose dogs went missing in early January say they were shocked, yet relieved to find an ad listing them for sale online.

But weeks later their pets still aren't home.

Nelly Lopez said a neighbor witnessed a woman in a dark colored sedan pick the Maltese dogs up and drive away.

"They are part of this family and we miss them so much, so I just want them home I want them safe," Lopez said. "We have a routine and it's just so sad coming home and them not being here."

She quickly searched Craigslist and believed she found her dogs.

"I started checking Craigslist and just searching Maltese. Any ad that I found, I would click on it look at it and not very long into the search, I found my dogs," she said.

Lopez said she found several listings for her two dogs posted almost immediately after they went missing. The dogs are a male and female, named Raj and Luna. The family has had them since birth. They also own Sophie, the dogs' mother. Her presence is both a comfort and reminder of the missing dogs.

The family has been in contact with the police department about the investigation but no charges have been filed and the dogs' location is not known. They fear the dogs could be in a new home and their current owner may have no idea someone is searching for them.
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