Eyewitness News helps woman get lock on door after being burglarized

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Ola Davis prays for everyone who walks through her front door -- even for the man who kicked it down.

"When I saw all this stuff on the floor, my grandson had to calm me down, tell me, 'granny, you know, somebody's been in here," Davis said.

She filed a report with Houston police after she says thieves broke into her southwest Houston home Friday, stealing everything from jewelry to electronics.

Davis lives with her elderly husband and her 18-year-old grandson. She said they all slept together in the living room Friday night out of fear. She had no way of locking her front door.

"I can't get the landlord on the phone," Davis said. "Maybe they went on vacation for the holiday."

Eyewitness News called the landlord, and he came to the house right away.

He didn't want to talk on camera, but secured the front door with a padlock and said he will install a permanent lock Monday morning.

Davis is relieved.

"I was worried about my safety, and I'm glad that he rushed right over to probably Home Depot or somewhere to get that lock and fix my door."

Davis has this message for whoever broke in her home:

"Go somewhere, get in a corner," Davis said, "And say you a prayer for change."
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