Exterminator helps woman whose home infested by snakes, rodents

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Friday Eyewitness News reported the story of a woman who says her house was infested by snakes. The house sits near a bayou which flooded its banks earlier this year. The house took on water too.

City of Houston animal control collected two rat snakes from the house on Friday. Today the owner of Pest Police arrived to finish the job and it was a big one.

The snakes he said were attracted to the house because of hundreds of mice living inside the walls, chewing through sheet rock and siding.

He also says the mice were attracted to the house because of a large roach infestation.

That's how these things work he said. For several hours, the pest exterminator made holes in the house and laid out bait and traps for the roaches, ants and rodents.

For Angel Garcia, it was a great day.

"I am beyond grateful because that is the miracle I was asking for," she said.

Her home still needs repairs dating back to the high water the crept up from the bayou this spring. But this is a start.

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