EXCLUSIVE: Man violently attacked at Heights Kroger

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- There's risk with anything in life, but most people think they're safe going to the grocery store.

That was not the case for a local father who was attacked and knocked to the ground by a complete stranger as he bought milk for his kids.

Longtime Heights resident Dan Le has a swollen lip and two front teeth wired in place after his harrowing encounter.

"The guy came from nowhere, and bam, just one punch," Le explained.

It was just before noon Wednesday when Le said he was pushing a cart out Kroger's front doors as his attacker approached.

"He was mumbling something and I wasn't paying attention -- and bam -- next thing I know I completely lost consciousness and I held my mouth, blood coming out," he said.

The attacker took off as customers and staff rushed to help Le.

"Two front teeth completely fell out, but luckily the medic found them," he recalled.

What Le could not find was a reason for the attack. He said he wasn't robbed and didn't recognize the man.

"I think it could be the knockout punch game they've been playing on the internet right now," he posted.

ABC13 has reported on other cases nationwide of people randomly beaten for the sake of sport. HPD said it doesn't have enough information to know if that's the case.

"It's just sad to see people being mean to other people for no reason -- there's too much cruelty in the world these days," said customer Lisa Polydoros.

Le said he'll return to that Kroger but wanted to share his story.

"I want people to be aware, pay attention to your surroundings, I will definitely do that from now on," he said.

Kroger said the attacker wasn't loitering and was behaving like a customer. A spokesperson did not elaborate on what might have been caught on surveillance video but said the store is preparing a copy for police.

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