EXCLUSIVE: Deputy constable, residents help catch and release alligator in Fort Bend Co.

FORT BEND COUNTY (KTRK) -- A Fort Bend County Deputy Constable and concerned citizens worked together to relocate an alligator which had strayed too close to homes and humans.

The gator was discovered Wednesday around 11:30am near FM1463 and Westridge Creek. That's near Cinco Ranch North. Stacy Painter found it in a drainage ditch along the side of the road, less than 20 yards from back doors of homes.

She called law enforcement, a deputy constable arrived, and started working to tire out the gator.

"He was jumping out and snapping and that's when we realized how big he was," said Painter.

Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Deputy Constable Brian Wall quipped about it being one of the dirtiest days he's ever had on the job.

"My hair got all messed up. I was sweatin' and breathing hard. No I didn't plan on it at all," said Wall.

They spent more than twenty minutes getting the gator's attention -- wearing it out. They got whatever rope they could find to fashion a noose and anything else that might serve as a blindfold. Then, as if they'd done this dozens of times before, Wall and Painter lunged for the gator.

"She jumps on the backs of him and Brian goes for the mouth," said eyewitness Dwayne Cooper.

Dash cam video from Wall's vehicle shows how they dragged the gator from the ditch and secured it. They loaded it up and took it across the street but once released, they say, the gator looked like it was just going to return to the ditch. So they caught it a second time.

"He's heavy. He was very heavy, Yeah," said Painter. They carried it to a much larger man-made pond behind homes nearby. It finally backed its way into the water. They hope this time it stays for good.

"Man, I was tired. I'm not gonna kid you, I can't even be tough out here," said Wall.

That was one of just two gators spotted at that location on FM 1463. Remember if you see one its best not to approach it yourself. Experts say you should always consider calling authorities or a nuisance gator hunter rather than trying to move one on your own.

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