EMS training exercise turns into real-life water rescue

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A little boy who started to drown in New Braunfels was saved when a man teaching EMS medics jumped in after him. (KTRK)

A training exercise on swift water rescues turned into a real life lesson when a boy began to drown in New Braunfels.

Commander Craig Smith tells KXAN-TV he was teaching the class to ems medics when he saw the boy fall off an inner tub and go under water.

Smith says he instantly took action.

"This kid comes down and he falls off his tube immediately. And goes down. When he came up, he was actually looking straight at us and he had this look of panic on his face. His hair was down over his face and he was clawing for air, he was trying to get up," said Smith.

Video shows Smith jump in after the child and pull him to safety.

Reporters at KXAN-TV noticed the video was very quiet, other than the sound of the rushing water.

"Exactly. It isn't like it is in the movies at all... people are screaming for help and this, that, and the other," Smith explained. "When people are drowning, and they're at that base instinct of survival, they don't have the energy to waste on yelling."

The Austin-Travis County EMS says it now plans to use the video to create a PSA on how to spot signs of drowning.
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