Elementary schooler hailed as hero after saving friend's life

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A fourth grader is being hailed a hero after a freak accident on the playground.

Raul Izaguirre, 9, stepped in to help his 10-year-old friend Nik Bock. The two were on the playground at Adam Elementary last Thursday when Nik became entangled in a jump rope and was left hanging from a slide.

Nik told Eyewitness News he was pretending to fish from on top of the playground when he decided to go down the slide.

"I was at that big steep slide right there, and I was pretending I was fishing with the jump rope," said Nik. "I went down, and I threw the jump rope up in the air like if you're on a roller coaster you throw your hands up. Then, the wind caught the jump rope and made it go around my neck."

Nik said the rope's handle got stuck in a hole at the top. He started choking as he hung halfway down the slide. Nik said his vision started to go out and his toes and hands began to tingle.

His mother, Christie Bock, told ABC13 she credits Raul with saving Nik's life.

"His friend Raul managed to get to the top of the slide and set him free," said Bock. "Those precious seconds could have turned into an eternity for our family. We're so grateful Raul jumped into action."

Raul was honored by his classmates, teachers and school staff inside the school cafeteria on Thursday. When asked if he considers himself a hero, Raul said no.

"I don't consider myself a hero because anyone could have done that," said Raul. "He's my buddy. I would have done it for anyone."
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