Robert Durst's lawyer says millionaire didn't commit murder

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The attorney for millionaire Robert Durst responds to the widening investigation against his client.

Dick DeGuerin has been in New Orleans all week representing Durst, who's currently under suicide watch in the mental health unit of a Louisiana prison.

"No. Is he different? Yes," is how DeGuerin responded when asked if his client was crazy.

DeGuerin has spent time with the accused murderer everyday this week. He will be the lead attorney on a team that's now being assembled in a case that keeps changing.

"I think he's an easy target and everybody's piling on," said DeGuerin.

Thursday, ABC News confirmed that the FBI has asked local authorities to review cold cases in places Durst once lived, including New York, Vermont and California. In Houston for a field office visit, FBI Director James Comey addressed the development.

"I know that we are doing a number of things in different field offices to run down leads. That is one of the powers of the FBI. We're everywhere in the United States," Comey said.

On Tuesday, local and federal agents were at Durst's Rice Village condo with a 15-page search warrant in hand.

"I can't imagine what they thought they'd find -- maybe Morris Black's head, but there's really no basis for it," said DeGuerin.

Durst was acquitted in Galveston of the Morris Black murder in 2003. He's now charged with the 15-year-old Los Angeles killing of his friend and confidante Susan Berman. DeGuerin wants his extradition expedited, but Louisiana officials, holding him on gun and drug charges, have different ideas.

"I think Louisiana and their elected officials want a piece of the publicity pie," DeGuerin quipped.

When asked why Durst was smiling in a widely circulated photo of him in the back of a patrol car, the well-known attorney said he could catch this reporter smiling weirdly, if he tried hard enough.

Next time we see him, DeGuerin says, he'll be bald. The prison shaved his head, exposing a shunt from a previous surgery. He also expects him to be removed from suicide watch.

"He's not suicidal. He does have serious health issues. He's frail. He's had brain surgery, neck surgery, cancer surgery. He has neuropathy of his right calf and needs to be in the hospital," DeGuerin added.

Once removed from suicide watch, he expects Durst to remain in the hospital unit of the Elayn Hunt Unit near Baton Rouge. DeGuerin is anxious to start the California murder case, but if and when Durst is extradited is anyone's guess. His next court hearing is Monday in New Orleans.
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