Duck eggs in Seabrook chiminea cause Facebook frenzy

SEABROOK, TX (KTRK) -- One picture on Facebook is feeding neighborhood curiosity in Seabrook.

Seabrook resident Keith Veseleny noticed something on his dock Monday night: eight duck eggs.

The duck eggs were all inside a chiminea. That chimney sits a dock just outside of Veseleny's house.

"All of a sudden the duck popped out of my chiminea," Veseleny said. "Scared me, same time she was very defensive. She was frantic, she pops out coming at me a little bit, then she backed up."

Plus, this pseudo-nest is growing. The mama duck left behind another egg Monday for a total of nine eggs so far.

The homeowners are worried the ash in the chiminea could harm the unborn chicks. Wildlife experts say to leave the eggs alone.

The mother duck will probably lay about a dozen eggs because the incubation period which lasts three weeks. null
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