Dramatic police chase, carjackings caught on camera in Australia

BRISBANE, Australia (KTRK) -- Wild video from a police helicopter shows a dramatic chase and ensuing highway shoot-out in Brisbane, Australia, 9News Austrlia reports.

Officers were chasing two men early this morning suspected of carjacking at least three vehicles. Footage from police helicopters caught one of those carjackings on camera.

The ensuing car chase hit speeds of up to 93-miles-per-hour. The suspects hit multiple vehicles as they tried to get away from officers and were seen driving the wrong way down busy streets.

Police finally managed to stop the suspect's car using spike strips.

Then the foot chase began. Both men bailed out of the car and began running into oncoming traffic on a busy highway, all while exchanging gunfire with perusing police officers.

The two men then began pointing their guns at oncoming vehicles in an attempt to carjack another driver, police say. The chaos caused at least one accident. The driver wasn't badly hurt.

Police managed to keep chasing both men while dodging bullets and crashing vehicles. The chase ended when one of the men pointed his gun at the driver of another oncoming vehicle. The driver then ran him over.

Both men were thrown to the ground by police and handcuffed. They now face multiple charges, including attempted murder. null
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