Dog attack in southwest Houston sends woman, girl to hospital

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Neighbors said they came to the aid of two people who were attacked by dogs at an apartment complex in southwest Houston.

A woman and young girl are in the hospital after two vicious pit bull attacks at a southwest Houston apartment complex.

The attacks happened just after 6pm in the 10300 block of Lands End Drive.

"That dog was full of blood," said Noorali Manjani, who said he came to the rescue of his neighbor. "One was biting on her arm, one was biting on her leg. They were attacking on her."

Manjani said he fended off the pit bulls with a broom. He said they were attacking his neighbor, a new mother, like hungry "tigers." The woman, in there 30's, suffered a severe mauling on her arm and leg.

"She said my hand is not pick-uping. I can't do anything with my hand," said Manjani.

Houston police confirmed the dogs were pit bulls. According to neighbors, after the first attack, the pit bulls then went after a 12-year-old girl in the same apartment complex.

"I just go out with stick and I attack dog," said neighbor Naress Thakor, who fended off the dogs with a cricket stick.

The second victim suffered bites to her legs. Paramedics arrived on the scene and bandaged up both victims and transported them to area hospitals.

Houston police on the scene said they located the pit bulls and their owner. Police said the owner stated he didn't know the dogs had gotten loose.

Houston police called animal control. They city may end up having to seize the dogs.
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