What did that McDonald's Happy Meal Minion just say?

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One family in Florida is convinced the 'Minions' toy they got in a McDonald's Happy Meal is cursing at them. (KTRK)

When kids get a happy meal from McDonald's, there's usually a surprise in the box. But one Florida family says what was in one they bought was more of a shock, reports ABC affiliate WFTV in Orlando.

The Merten family got the happy meal from a McDonald's in Longwood. It was for a four-year-old girl. Inside the box was the food and a toy Minion, complete with its big eyes and funny outfit.

Minions also talk, but the Merten family says the one they got had something pretty inappropriate to say.

"It turned out to be a toy that decided to talk profanity," said Bradley Merten, the girl's grandfather.

Bradley says when the minion said 'What the 'F.''

WFTV listened to it over and after two days, couldn't quite agree on exactly what it was saying, so they took it to McDonald's corporate for answers.

Here's their answer:
    "Minions speak 'Minionese' which is a random combination of many languages and nonsense words and sounds. 'Minionese' has no translation to, or meaning in any recognized language. Any perceived similarities to words used within the English language are purely coincidental."

Even so, Bradley Merton has a warning for parents who buy the happy meals.

"Check their toys before they hand them over," he said.
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