Dispute over dog poop in Florida leads to deadly machete attack

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (KTRK) -- Neighbors say a dispute over dog poop led to a deadly machete attack in a Florida neighborhood, ABC affiliate WPBF-TV reports.

Deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office responded to reports of a dispute. When they arrived, they found a man laying in a pool of blood on the ground.

Next to the man, pacing back and forth in a driveway, was Amado Lago. Deputies say he was holding a long, bloody machete.

When deputies approached the victim, they told Lago to drop his machete. Instead, deputies say he charged at one of the deputies.

That deputy then pulled out his gun and shot Lago, killing him.

The man laying on the ground, identified as Mauro Londono, also died. Deputies say he'd been stabbed with the machete by Lago.

Londono's wife was also cut by the attack. She's recovering at the hospital.

Neighbors told deputies the deadly attack was the result of a dispute over dog poop in one of the men's yards. Lago and Londono lived across the street from one another.
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