Did you receive this robocall from Caribbean Cruise Lines? You could get $500

FRESNO, CA -- Consumers can receive up to $500 dollars per robocall in a class action lawsuit settled by Caribbean Cruise Lines.

The telemarketing campaign offered a free two-day cruise for taking a 30 second political survey between August 2011 and August 2012.

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Upon answering the questions from a company claiming to be by Political Opinions of America, participants were transferred to a live telemarketer who sold cruises, travel packages, timeshares and room upgrades.

Lawyers say not only was the free cruise not actually free, Political Opinions Of America was not a real company.

Consumers have until February first to sign up for the class action settlement. A database has been set up so people can check to see if their phone number was on the call list.

Click here to find out if your number is on the call list
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