Deputy Darren Goforth is 10th line-of-duty death in Texas in 2015

HOUSTON -- Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth is the first deputy with HCSO to be killed by gunfire in the line of duty in more than 14 years. Deputy Joseph Dennis was the last deputy with the department to be fatally shot. That was back in May 2001.

The last time any law enforcement officer in our area was fatally shot was back in 2012. Corporal Jimmy Norman with the Bellaire Police Department was fatally shot, along with business owner Terry Taylor. Harlem Lewis was sentenced to death in that case.

Deputy Goforth's death is the 10th death of a law enforcement officer in the line of duty this year. The others are:

Detention Officer Tronoski Jones
Harris County Sheriff's Office
August 20 -- Heart attack

Corrections Officer Timothy Davison
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
July 15 -- Assault

Sergeant Korby Kennedy

San Angelo Police Department
June 25 --: Motorcycle accident

Sergeant Christopher Kelley
Hutto Police Department
June 24 - Vehicular assault

Police Officer Richard Martin
Houston Police Department
May 18 - Vehicular assault

Police Officer Michael Villarreal
Pearsall Police Department
April 12 -- Automobile accident

Patrolman Adrian Arellano
El Paso Police Department
March 18 -- Motorcycle accident

Corrections Officer V Christopher Davis
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
January 14 -- Automobile accident

Corrections Officer V Eligio Garcia
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
January 14 -- Automobile accident

Across the nation, there have been 81 line-of-duty deaths this year. Of those, 22 involved gunfire.

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