Day of Prayer to be held in memory of stabbing victim Josue Flores

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Near home plate of the Marshall Middle School baseball field a group gathered to remembering Josue Flores on Saturday.

The 11-year-old was brutally murdered walking home from the school in May.

"It was just shock to know this had happened to such a good kid," said Michael Harrison, Marshall Middle School's principal.

With the new school year starting on Monday, the community wanted to show its support by holding a group prayer. It means a lot to the principal and staff.

"it's just a reminder of the commitment the community has in the school and it's very encourage and it's a reminder that we can lean on each other," said Harrison.

Dozens of members of the community came out to pray, including Andres Martinez who brought his grandson.

"Just wanted to show my grandson what the affect of prayer is and how much the community needs to be involved," said Andres Martinez.

In addition to the special prayer, members of the community are vowing to protect the children walking to and from school. Stella Mireles-Walters formed a group that's whole goal is make sure kids get to school safely. She told us how she approached the community with the idea saying, "We would not be afraid to stand in our front yards or sit our porches," all to ensure the kids arrive safely.

So far 100 volunteers have signed up, promising to keep a watchful eye on the children.

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Andre Timothy Jackson, Jr., 27, is charged in his murder. Investigators say he's the man seen in video running near the scene where Flores was fatally stabbed. Prosecutors say Jackson admitted he was in the video released from near the scene of the murder.

Investigators say Flores was stabbed 20 times.
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