NE Houston day care apologizes for leaving baby alone in crib

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Inside the day care on Robert E. Lee Road, workers cleaned up glass from a broken window at Joann's day care.

A tearful owner explains how a 10-month-old was left unattended Monday evening.

Owner Joann Davis says, "My closer, which was Tricia, left at 6:43; she got here at 6:45 so we figure it was a 2 or 3 minute lapse. My one mistake I know I made is I should have had a sign on the door in case of emergency call this number."

Davis says little Jordan had a diaper rash and was fussy. Once he was quieted down, the worker placed him to sleep in a crib in another room.

Jordan's parents faced their worst fear when they arrived late to pick up their son and found no one, then heard their child crying in the back room.

"I don't know who was the last person. I feel like they are going off the time we arrived so it won't look bad. It's bad for any child to be left at a day care for any length of time," says Sharonda Ross, the mother of the boy.

The boy's father, Lawrence Matthews adds, "It's also to make a mistake but not to have a process to fix it that's what makes it worse."

The couple broke the glass to get the child out. The day care says they are already making changes and cooperating fully with state investigators. They also say they have given parents two emergency cell numbers.

Co-owner Christy Carter says, "We plan on making a new support staff in here of going through room to room, checking off and signing off so that way we will never, ever, ever have this problem again."

Joann's day care has been in business more than 40 years. Some parents say the incident doesn't change their childcare plans.

Marcy Rainwater says, "They are second parents, this is their second home. They are wonderful to the children. Lots of activities, lots for the communities."

Jordan's parents say they won't be coming back.

The Harris County DA says they will wait for CPS to finish the investigation. Depending on what they find, there could be child abandonment or child endangerment charges.

The longtime employee who left the child is still employed with the day care.
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