Criminals targeting specific Fort Bend County families?

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- There's been a string of home invasions in Fort Bend County with a common thread, and the victims believe they were targeted.

The victims report shattered back doors and are so scared they don't want to show their faces for our broadcast story.

"We saw two people with a gun and flashlight, don't move, don't move," says a homeowner who asks to be identified as Joseph.

He says his entire family was forced to the floor of their Missouri City home in the middle of the night by as many as five masked and armed men.

"They started talking to us, 'Don't worry, we will do nothing to you guys,'" says Joseph.

For almost two hours thieves ransacked the home, tearing through each room until they were satisfied. Joseph says they took phones, cash and jewelry adding, "The money the gold, basically everything. The name brand, all the stuff."

The victims say the break-ins have happened in Riverstone and Lake Olympia Communities.

Surendran Koran, President of the Malayalee Association of Greater Houston says some of the victims own businesses.

"The main concern here is it is back to back, there are several incidents and almost all of them the targeted people belong to the same community," Koran said.

The attack method has been similar and the impact felt long after the men are gone.

Joseph says, "Still my wife is shaking."

And so is the entire community.

"We want to catch them so they can stop it. We live in a good neighborhood and this is bad," Joseph said.

The Malayalee Association of Greater Houston will hold a community meeting 4:30pm Sunday at the Houston Knanaya Catholic Community Center.

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