Search and rescue crews save dog stranded on the side of a cliff in Utah

PROVO, UT -- A beagle is back home in Utah after crews helped save her from an icy cliff.

The rescue didn't quite go as planned, though.

"We assumed it would be like all the other dog rescues. You get up, you load down to the cliff and that animal is happy to see somebody, especially after spending the coldest night of the year alone on the cliff there," rescue volunteer Shaun Roundy said.

Search volunteers went to help the dog, but when they go to "Mary," she was too frightened to go near them. They had to use a walkie-talkie so she could hear her owner's voice, but that didn't work.

"Once I tried to grab his collar it wouldn't get near me, and I was afraid it was going to jump right off the edge of the cliff," Roundy said. "It's feet were just right there at the edge. And I thought let's not. Let's have a better chance coming back tomorrow."

They ended up leaving her there with some food and hand warmers.

"We gave it a pack of jerky. We gave it a big can of sardines, granola bar and we left a bag there with a couple hand warmers inside so it would have a little warmer place to sit," Roudy said.

They were planning on going back Saturday morning to try again, but Mary somehow figured out a way to get down on her own.

She's a little bruised, but otherwise fine.