Outburst in Houston courtroom follows killer's plea deal

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Amanda Courtney had to be removed from the courtroom after she learned her sister's killer had taken a plea deal

The trial was supposed to begin today for Bardo Bustos, who is accused of brutally attacking and killing his girlfriend about a year ago.

At the last minute, he took a plea deal of 45 years in prison, but for at least one member of the victim's family, the emotion of the moment was too much.

The victim's sister, Amanda Courtney, had an outburst in court that preceded the sentencing. Felicia Courtney, 31, was a mother of four who died when Bustos, her boyfriend, attacked her last July 5, stabbing her several times and throwing her over the floor of their second floor balcony.

Courtney did not return to the courtroom, but after the sentencing, Felicia's mother gave the victim impact statement, telling Bustos the agony the four children would go through, never getting to even hold their mother's hand again.

Felicia's father says he's at least thankful his grandchildren did not have to testify.

"My grandsons don't have to testify and relive the whole thing again," said Bobby Courtney. "So we're just trying to get on with our lives from here."

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