Restaurant customer complains about Christmas music, leaves complaint on receipt

Monday, December 12, 2016
Complaining customer makes a stink over Christmas music
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A Florida restaurant customer complained over Christmas music. Really.

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- In Florida, a customer at a restaurant there complained. About Christmas music.

And not just the type of music. They called it offensive.

The customer left the complaint on a receipt (because talking to someone would be out of the question.) In the note, they called the music offensive because they preferred "holiday music" that's less religious-themed.

If caught the restaurant's chef off guard. He posted it to his Facebook page, where it's generated hundreds of comments.

"It's all about celebration of family, celebration of gathering of friends and people and it's a tradition, not about anything else," said chef Michael Lugo.

The note doesn't mention which song was offensive, but the restaurant plans to continue playing the music during the holidays.