Church provides services for job seekers

SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- Northwest Bible Church hosts hundreds of job seekers every Wednesday as a part of their decades-long program, "Between Jobs Ministries."

Professionals volunteer their time teaching job hunting skills, reviewing resumes and connecting job seekers to companies looking to hire.

Dr. Roy Farmer, Jr., started the program more than 20 years ago.

"We try to meet every need that they have," Farmer said, "Getting them ready for the job that the Lord has for them out there."

Job seekers come from all walks of life to refine their skills here.

Victor Schmidt is a geologist who has worked in the oil industry for most of his career. He said he has a job right now, but it does not meet his financial needs.

"Since most of my work has been technical in nature, learning how to sell yourself, especially in the present market, is a bit of a challenge," Schmidt said.

Eileen Fenton is new to Texas; she's looking for a job in digital media management.

"It is stressful, you don't know where will your next job come, when will your next job come," Fenton said, "And I think like lots of job seekers, you think, I may never get another job, but that's where the role of BJM has been really helpful."

For some visitors to the program, the simple reminder that there are hundreds of other people struggling to find a job, too, is comforting.

"This is such an encouraging ministry, to come here and realize it's not just about losing or not having a job," Cynthia Strong said, "It's also about understanding why you don't have one and how God operates in our lives."

Participants do not have to be church members or even practice the same religion to attend.

"That's the wonderful thing about it," Schmidt said, "It's open to all who have the need."

BJM meets on Wednesday mornings at Northwest Bible Church from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. You can register in advance at or just show up - walk-ins are always welcome. For more information contact Fred Jones at 281-320-2966 or Nick Muhlbauer at 281-703-9543.
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